Delivering Superior Value

Used by thousands of the industry’s top contractors and professionals, WACO® RED equipment delivers exceptional value.

WACO® RED scaffolding and shoring is manufactured according to the original equipment specifications, including platform loading and safety requirements.

• 3-foot-wide frames
• WACO® RED box frames
• Narrow frames
• Access frames
• Guardrail end panels
• Walk-through frames
• Angle iron braces: Single and double hole
• Accessories: Side brackets, casters and screw jacks
• Hi-load shoring
• Aluminum stair units
• Post shores
• Guardrail stanchions
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Exacting Material Standards

Premium quality starts with material standards so exacting that each load of tubing for WACO® RED comes from the mill with certification that the steel meets our specifications.

Rigorous Quality Standards

To ensure accuracy and consistency, rigorous quality control procedures are followed through all production stages.

Durability by Design

WACO® RED delivers superior strength and durability:

  • Tube ends: Each tube end that forms a weld joint is coped to provide a larger welding surface.
  • Finish: Components are painted using state-of-the-art powder coating that provides a more durable finish.


The original Speedlock, a forged-steel locking system, is standard on all WACO® RED frames.

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